Hair Removal

Traditional Waxing Services Prices starting at…

Brow Shaping $18
Brow/Lip Combo $30
Chin/Lip $20
Brow/Lip/Chin Combo $35
Chin/Lip/Nose/Ears (each) $15
Full Face $45
Half Arm/Full Arm $40/$50
Underarm $30
Half Leg/Full Leg $55/$70
Full Leg w/ Bikini $85
Basic Bikini $45
Bikini-Brazilian (landing-strip) $55
Brazilian $75
Brazilian with Peri-Anal $90
Full Brazilian Maintenance $80
Chest/Back $50/$65
Back and Shoulders $75
Buttocks $40


Electrolysis is a form of hair removal in which a needle is inserted into the hair follicle and hit with a small current of electricity. Electrolysis is comparable to laser in that it provides near-permanent results and can be used on those who are not able to go through laser hair removal (i.e. people with extremely dark skin, or someone who has red, blonde or gray hair).

A consultation is required before performing electrolysis hair removal.

First Visit $30
Minutes 15|20|30 $25|$30|$35

Laser Services

Women have long tried to rid themselves of unwanted hair of the face, legs, underarms, abdomen, and groin. Waxing, plucking, and electrolysis have proven painful and must be repeated regularly.

Treatments are performed by a trained technician and last from 15 to 90 minutes depending on the size of area treated. Treatments are associated with mild discomfort, not unlike a small rubber band snapping against skin. The discomfort is well tolerated when small areas are treated, but if large areas are treated, discomfort may interfere with the procedure. Discomfort can be minimized by the use of ice immediately prior to the laser application.

Treatments usually do not require sedatives, pain medications, or injections of local anesthetic. You may return to work immediately after treatment. Unlike waxing, you must shave immediately prior to your laser hair removal.

A Free consultation is required before performing any of the laser hair removal services.

Laser Hair Reduction: (Prices subjective but start at…)

Upper Lip $75
Chin $100
Chin & Upper Lip $150
Chin & Neck $175
Chin, Neck & Upper Lip $225
Full Face (Chin, Cheeks, Lip) $225
Axillae (both Underarms) $150
Bikini Line (Both sides of panty line) $175
Bikini-Brazilian (2-3? strip in front) $250
Full Brazilian $350
Lower Legs (Above knee to ankle) $300
Full Legs (Bikini to toes) $600
Full Back (Neck to waist) $500

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