Permanent Makeup

Makeup offers women an opportunity to transform themselves, but like most women, you know that applying makeup can be an expensive, time-consuming hassle. Thankfully, an option is now available to them: permanent makeup. While the idea may at first seem strange or extreme, more and more busy Florida residents are finding permanent cosmetics offer a convenient and affordable way to look their best day in and day out, maintaining their beauty while enhancing areas that may need special attention.

A cosmetic tattooing process is used to apply colored pigment below the dermal layer of the skin. This process, known as “micro-pigmentation,” permits a doctor or skin care professional to tailor the placement and strength of color at your chosen treatment site, giving you a custom result that looks great on its own or when enhanced with traditional cosmetics. Permanent cosmetics can help augment sparse eyebrows, highlight lips, or make eyelashes look thicker when used as eyeliner.

Many women can benefit from micro-pigmentation. Women with allergies to makeup find that this is one of their few alternatives. Those suffering from dexterity or who have unsteady hands enjoy the freedom they gain. Athletes, swimmers, and women on the go appreciate that permanent makeup is durable and does not require reapplication throughout the day or after exercise. Patients with facial irregularities or disfigurement find that the procedure can give a real boost to their self-esteem.

“Always” Permanent Makeup

Basic Eyeliner (Top or Bottom/Both) $250/$375
Designer Liner (Thick/Extended Tail) $425
2-Color Designer Liner  (French) $475
Mucosal Liner $150
Microblading $375
Basic brows $400
Brow Shading with Hair Strokes (2-Color) or Powder Brows $450
Lip Liner $275
Full Lip $600
Full Lip w/2nd color Liner $625

Scar Camouflage (Needs Consultation Prior) – starts at $250


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